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Only15 miles from Times Square and my front yard looks like this..............

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Them Bucks are feeling frisky. Showing off for the ladies? lol


Here's 15 miles from my house at a friends place yesterday afternoon. He just finished mowing the grass and went in for lunch and came out to this crap.

We used to have a bunch of Whitetail deer around us as well but we now have a shit pile of Coyotes up on the mountain behind us and they tend to kill deer. PAs Coyotes are an average of 35-55lb which is 10-20lbs larger than the biggest Western coyote that they are related to because they are cross bred with the Canadian Grey wolf or eastern timber wolf, better known as the Great Lakes wolf. Our Coyotes are known as coywolf. They kill full grown Deer and smaller livestock such as Sheep, Goats and young cows and horses and any sized Domestic Dog or Cat that they can get ahold of. In 2014 there were over 40,000 CoyWolf killed and turned in for the $25 per head Bounty that PA had on them. Just this year our Governor ended the bounty but removed the Bag Limit on them because the population has got severely out of hand in the last 10 years.   



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