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Its A Girl !

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Thank you all for your warm and sweet Congratulations.


i am Caitlin and i am doing verry good now. after i have been born my skin went into blue and purple wich is not good

so we went as soon as possible back to the hospital, the dockters dindt know what it was but after 2 hours everything went back to normal and the dockter said that my mom and dad could bring me back at home. sinds that time i am doing realy fine and i am so happy i am on this world sharing it with you lovely people.


hope to speak to you all verry soon when i can say my first words.


Bless you all.





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Oh yeah she is vicky. Shes so cure 'n sweet and adorable.
Made this picture this morning on bed. I could almost not controll my team so proud i am.




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