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Message from Daddas son

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Daddas son Lee wanted me to pass this message on to the community


firstly can i thank everyone who attended and took part in my dads memorial game 

i just wanted to update everyone with whats happening  if you could forward this to the the clan members that would be great?

so on  the 20th of december my dad was out walking the dog while my mum (sandradee) was getting dressed to go out as it was there anniversary 

as he was taking too long mum decided to find him as he wasnt answering his phone 

she went to the field to find dad already passed 

the paramedics tried for 40 minutes but had no response 

as all can imagine its been a very hard time for us all but we are a very close family and we are all together going through it 

i want to thank all that sent cards to mum it means alot 

so daddas (aka geoff) funeral will be held on the 23rd of january at 4pm at peterborough crematorium   (pe67je)

then the wake will be at blackstones social club after (pe91uu) 

if anyone wishes to attend please do 

he will be cremated in one of his XI t shirts as it something he liked to wear around the house 

he loved gaming with you guys and he would talk often about it to me 

kindest of regards 


daddas son 


P.S. They are not taking flowers or wreaths


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i assume Lee is Goon? i just got back home today, i had a mild stroke and couldn't be around for a while. i'm sorry to all, i loved dadda with all my heart, you guys will never know! please give your mum a hug for me and hold her tight for a moment, that's from me and i know, so many others!

sorry again to all, cya

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