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Scary Scrim - Girls vs Guys - FTag

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i quarantee the girls will kick your arses.Just watch any match when 2 ladies are on same team they destroy us poor  men..gl

That is because they have Flash Nades......One flash from the gals and we are all Hubba Hubba and can't see straight......thus, thye kick our asses.  On that note.....I'm in!

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google when it will start 4 PM EDT it is 23:00 on u and 22:00 here in germany

hahahhahah....im noooob.... 23.oo pm...OK...are on the barricades...    IN


we Europeans use GMT+or-  :))))))no EDP ....BST..PST...WTF...:)))))


(ty Lene)

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