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18 hours ago, RobMc said:

Happy Birthday Pain in The Arse aka Painkiller, have a great one mate :yahoo:

FU Rob :lol: thanks mate, it was a good one. Dinner with my girlfriend and grandparents then to my girlfriends for pudding ;):lol:


17 hours ago, bds1961 said:

Happy birthday Painkiller.   Have a great day.   If you get back in game I will allow one bash for your birthday.  But won’t promise I won’t shoot you up

I will be able to get in game some time soon mate, don't worry. I'll get you with a bash regardless :lol:

17 hours ago, LtLaszlo said:

OMG, you are three months older than my oldest son!! Happy Birthday “DW”!!  BTW, why doesn’t your name show up in Today’s birthdays on the website?! 

Thanks Laz! I don't know why it doesn't, it was really weird. Might have been a setting somewhere on my profile!

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On 8/3/2018 at 1:38 AM, Hoth said:

Happy Birthday! COD2 hacker!

Thanks Hoth! I feel flattered you'd call me a hacker ;)  I'll take it as a compliment. Better make sure I turn them off next time you're in game then! :lol:


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