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Look what i got complete!

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Cool. Wish I could do that.


I have a couple of those that visit my big bird feeder every morning. There was a small bright Yellow bird up there this morning and a couple small wood peckers, a pair of Doves and a whole crap pile of little brown chirping Sparrows.   


The chirping sparrows are funny. They will line up and sit on the fence and chirp at me if I forget to put food in the feeder. I get 30lb bags of wild bird feed down at our local feed store for $12 a bag. I love watching the little things peck around and chirp and play.

I haven't been putting to much in the feeder lately because a damn chipmunk moved in under my shed and it's been getting in the feeder in the evenings and cleaning it out. I got my BB gun ready for that little fuzzy bastard next time I see it. The stupid little thing will charge at ya if you get to close to it. lol         

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9 hours ago, Chips Ahoy said:

very nice, may i ask what brand of paint are u using

I use a variety of brands but one in particular I'm using now is the artist loft from Michaels. 

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