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cod4 ft vs cod5 ft

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COD4 Freeztag vs COD5 freezetag

COD5 ppl are looking to kick some good ole COD4 butts and get the title back!!!! Do you think you can do this??

This is open for everyone BUT I expect high turnout from members so they will be put on teams first.

It will be on the COD5 FT server.ip to come.

The rules used for the tournament are the same as what on the servers now .
No offensive names, language or behaviour towards admins or other players (in any language).
No glitching / going outside of the map. Spawncamping is allowed.
As of right now you will have to rank up from scratch as we cant have fully ranked cod5 ppl play
with cod4 with no or very little perks. This may change if Merlin finds a way!!lol
Server will be open a day ahead.


Each team will consist of ? players(this will be determined on how many sign up), one of whom will be Team Captain. PLAYERS NEED TO REGISTER ON THIS POST.
There will be no showing up day of event to play if your name is not on a team before hand..
 The Team Captain will  communicated the matches schedule to  his teammates and he will be asked to report the scores of each encounter on the forums.
If something happens at the last minute and a team finds itself lacking a player at the moment of the match speak to me to seek a substitute.


The match will be played on  Saturday November 9th 2019
Time 7pm UK

time 2pm EST

find your time here



The maps to be played are predetermined,  The maps included in each set will not be made public before the match, so as to keep
 it fair between the teams who have time to over-practice on a map and those who don’t.
Rumble is composed of 3 maps. A map is played until  3 rounds won.  10 min rounds. All 3 maps are to be played even if a team is declared
winner of the match after the first two maps unless the losing team does not want to.

During  tournament, no spectator can be allowed to watch the matches, so as to preven unfair help from spectators to players.

Last but not least please say what team you will be on cod4 or cod5!!!

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