Ayaq it's a Happy Birthday day

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6 hours ago, RobMc said:

Happy birthday buddy, have a great one.

How do Alaskans celebrate?

They have special igloos made with coloured snow. The people go in and celebrate. When the clock turns to midnight the igloo explodes with balloons and streamers and people scream and sing Happy Birthday. Then they all go home and sleep it off!!

Happy Birthday Aqua!!!

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34 minutes ago, Timmah! said:

So...where ya been hiding?


Pick from below :-

1/. Away gold prospecting with his 'cousin'

2/. Fishing for crabs/salmon/women

3/. At the North Pole with his sled

4/. Entertaining the Moose with the blond wig

5/. With some floosie

6/. Out hunting bear

7/. Playing with another clan - bitch

8/. Getting married

9/. With Queenie

10/. Learning to speak English

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