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Hello people ,boys and girls , friends and more 😊 Im Dejan ingame name legi_istra , finaly i decided ! I wish to be a member of this fantastic comunity

im 43 years old and come from Croatia ( penisula Istra ) but for now im live in Germany ( we will see how long I can stay here alone 🙁 )

I am currently working as an electrician but I am a carpenter by profession !

But I have a little problem Im a admin to another server ( OTaC ) ,7 years Im a admin there and I don't want to lose it ( its like a my family ) I think you understand me but wish to be a member here to 🤩 !


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Welcome to the forums below is membership requirements 

Membership Requirements

  • Need to be registered on the website for 1 month and have 20 posts.
  • Your in-game identity (such as GUID) must not be banned by anti-cheat services such as pbbans.com
  • You must not be in another clan
  • Your game name and forum names must match
  • Have read, understand, and agree to abide by the XI Code of Conduct
  • Need to have and use either Steam, Origin, TS, or Discord
  • Need to be 18 years old
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