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What Are You Listening To Today?

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UFO !!!  One of the greatest rock bands of all time.   Saw them many times at Hara Arena in Dayton.  Very tight band live.  Their live albums is considered in the top 10 live albums of all time.  Not to many in the states have heard of them.  But our English and German brothers have !!!  Early UFO with Michael Schenker is the shits !!!!




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Starz !!!!   Another great band from the late 70's .  This one is "Pull The Plug".   About a guy pulling the plug on his girlfriend who is on life support.  Great bluesy guitar work on this.  Great lyrics too.  Crank it, the intro is fantastic.  This is from a time when songs had depth, dynamics and meaning.  Not this over compressed and over limited stuff put out today.




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