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To the Americans....

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I have seen this going around on my facebook lately. I really can't believe that this is not known about by so many American's.

My curiosity would like to know how many American XI members know about this statue, the story of this statue and where it is located?



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9 hours ago, Barron3000 said:

I'm not American but I guess it's got to do with the deaths from military fighting abroad for US interests in oil?


2 hours ago, FUNky said:

Yes, it’s a 9/11 Memorial given to the US by Russia.  The names of everyone that died that day are engraved on the base. 

It’s referred to as the Tear Drop Memorial but I’m sure that’s not the real name. 

The original name was "To the Struggle Against World Terrorism".

The Teardrop memorial is an imposing 10-story, Bronze-plated sculpture located in Harbor View Park in Bayonne, New Jersey.

It is the work of Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli. It was a gift given on September 11, 2006 from Russia to the U.S. to memorialize victims of terrorism in the U.S.

The focal point of the piece, a massive teardrop made of nickel, hangs from the top of the sculpture, suspended between jagged edges that have been carved out of the middle of the piece.

Then on the bottom of the sculpture are granite plates bearing etchings of the names of the victims of 9/11 as well as the World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

The idea behind the design is to touch on the grand scale of heartache that terrorism causes, while the jagged opening is supposed to frame Manhattan and the site of the twin towers if the viewer is standing in the correct spot. Then in 2011, a piece of steel from the World Trade Center was also placed next to the site.

According to wikipedia It was initially given to the local government of Jersey City, but was rejected.It was then relocated to its present placement in Bayonne.  The stones on the ground around the statue were purchased for $50.00 by people for memorials.

The stones can be seen in the video below:


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