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Just trying out new name

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On 1/9/2019 at 8:10 PM, WldPenguin said:

@JoeCamel, you would be dos jorobas 😎😜

No he meant to say dos bolas, or two sets of testicles...vamos Chile no compliques las cosas,  no hagas alarde de tus bolas para impresionar al resto, jaja


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On 1/9/2019 at 4:44 PM, Unchileno said:

I was thinking ( yes it happens) ..Gonna use a new name for a while see how it goes..last time I try Lautaro .. @pitbullpete  kept calling me Larry cause he could not pronounce it  so I gave up, but now!!

Cause I kinda  use C4 only .  Say hello to "Dos-Sacos"   The most interested man in XI 😎 .  What you think? 🤔

Stay THAW my friends..


Chile it just won't be the same bro.. FU Chile can never be replaced. Having to say FU Dos-Sacos... FU Dos-Sacos... I blame you Dos-Sacos..... then again it has a ring to it. I can calling you FU Chile Dos-Sacos!!!!!!!

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