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Prop Hunt - Hide n Seek

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Rugger Could you make it where we can pick from more Props ?  I am sure more up dated list of Prop's is out there some where be nice to pick out props from small to large 

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16 hours ago, ChknFngr said:


@ChknFngr, you son-of-a . . . !

Lol, bud.

Will be on soon.  Still trying (trying?) to find an apartment.

Company is paying the hotel bill, but it's all on me for $40 (U.S.) Uber bill per day, sigh.

Can't cook food in my hotel room, have to eat out at $80/day . . .

Double-sigh . . .


Life is good!

Ayaq, aka "Paul"

P.S. - You son-of-a . . .

P.P.S. - Not like @SGTScott, that son-of-a- " . . . - - -  . . ."

P.P.P.S. - (Yoda voice remember?  Hmm?)  "Hmm??"

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