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Please Welcome Back ausimatador To Our Clan

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Great news, welcome back Ausimatador, hope your situation has improved m8 :thumbup:

Thanks Mate..It nice to be back


Bienvenido hermano..Puta que lo extrane.  espero que todo este bien ..ojalas te vea en los servers..

Thanks so Much UnChileno.....Muchas gracias....

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Thanks R0ckape and all the other members that made it possible for me to come back..I feel at home again...I can shoot people without feeling guilty now...

Im still a full time Carer of my adorable wife. 6 and half years now...She's bedridden..and my PC is next to her on same room..for the same reason I can not use sound..because she will get confuse

with it...and I can not use earphones, I need to be alert and be able to hear her when shes in distress...I'm Sorry if I dont reply to you by voice..but I can say thanks and NS in writing..

I usually use Sniper riffle and pistol with silencer...maybe because it goes with the mood in my room...

I like everyone in XI, even the ones that use knives,,,I hate been killed by knife... lol..

Thanks again to all

Nice to be Back

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