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Gaming Computers for Sale.

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spacer.pngspacer.png  I currently have 3 Gaming comp uter at my shop for sale that I recently built. If interested let me know and maybe we can negotiate the shipping cost.


               GREEN MACHINE                                                                                                       LAST  PC

             WINDOWS 10 PRO                                                                                             WINDOWS 10 PRO

               INTEL I7 9700                                                                                                  AMD 2700X 8 CORE

       16 GB RAM @ 3200MHZ                                                                                  16 GB RAM @ 3200MHZ

         GIGABYTE Z390 MB                                                                                               MSI X570 MB

        1 TB M.2 NVME HD                                                                                             1 TB M.2 NVME HD

      RTX 260 SUPER 8 GB VC                                                                                         RX 570 8 GB VC

           EVGA 700 PWS                                                                                                      850 PWS

          CD/DVD DRIVE                                                                                            CORSAIR  CASE  NO ODD

      NZXT CASE IT IS USED                                                                                     ASKING $950 + SHIPPING









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I'm a needy XI member would you consider donating the GREEN Machine and 100 bucks to me?? 

Thanks Minus the pink fan

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Come up with something with more than 8 cores and windows 7 sp3   oh yeah and 64 Gig...

and at least a 1T boot drive, and 10T data storage


Love ~XTekk  😃


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why would you put a 2700x with a x570 MB when a 2700x does not support pcie 4.0?

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