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Scary Scrim III - The long awaited Sequel

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Scary Scrim III  The Long Awaited Sequel

We are having  another open scrim. All FTag-ers!
Girls vs Guys - We'll shoot for Friday, October 30, 2020, 5PM EDT. 

Please only sign up if you intend to play.  First come, first served.

This will be played on a server set to the FTag1 settings.

This scrim is open to the whole community - members and non-members alike. 

The premise is simply - winners get to rename losers for a day.
1st place in winning team gets 1st  pick of losing team to rename,  2nd place gets 2nd pick of the losing team to rename, 3rd place gets 3rd pick of the losing team to rename etc...
The "re-named" player must wear their name on the server the next time they are both in server( renamer and the renamed ) .
No names that are against XI rules will be allowed. No XI tags are worn with the name.

Please post in this thread, if you're interested. If you post nonsense remarks I will assume you don't want to play.

The ladies will get to pick the map.

I'll post the map choice in the next few weeks - feel free to add your suggestion.

*note* Ladies - I assume we'll get a large response - you may have to kick to multiple sets of butts - if so you can pick the second map!

And yes, we are xtreme idiots

Highest Regards to ALL,

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17 hours ago, SgT.Chris said:

i'll give it a go then i can always call rosiee rosemary and watch her fling abuse at me haha

You'll have to get first in line, a lot of boys want the opportunity to name me haha

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