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Big Papa Deans Birthday

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Thanks a bunch! After I saw all the bd wishes here and on facebook this is what I wrote on my wall!


I don't recall but I have been told that 62 yrs ago this very day there was a loud mouth screaming, and boisterous baby boy born onto this planet we call earth! I also was told I was there but I have no recollection of that bright and cheery day! Isn't it funny how the most important day of our lives and I can't remember it. Can you? I do know that despite the struggles I have had this last couple of weeks or so. my life is actually going pretty well. My little darling whom I call Maddy loves to play with me and begs for me to take the time just for her. My life would be so void without her. My other little angel Layla is well on her way to make her mommy pay for all those joyous times she gave me! All in all even if I can't by memory prove I was "born and not hatched I am feeling quite loved what with all the b-day wishes and the day is just beginning. Thank you all for the wonderful happy birthday wishes. I love you all more than you can know. God bless your friend PapaDean!

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