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We are going to have a knife only tournament for COD 2,4 & 5.

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We will be starting with COD2 on Saturday May 22th .
Cod2 battle server - >XI< Battle Server 2.9 mod
Tourney starts at 3pm EST- password will be blade21
This is open to members and non members.
First place in each game will get a medal( not for non members)
This will be Deathmatch
The servers are up now and ready to play and get warmed up.

You should also get the downloads to make sure you don't miss out on any knifing time.

 ANy question will be answered by @loaderXI or @PainKiller

The tournamet will be played on 3 maps each 15 mins long. There will
be admins in  server taking screen shots.
The results will be posted in forums along with any news or updates on the tournament. If you can
 please take about 45 mins out of your day and make this a success for the clan!


COD 4 and 5 info will be coming for following weekend!




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Server named changed to >XI< Knife Fest 2021

rotation will be as follows

"gametype dm map mp_decoy map mp_xi_hvt_komplex map mp_idiotville map mp_xtremeidiots map mp_decoy"

with the three (3) >XI< maps being the ones played in the tourney 

map mp_xi_hvt_komplex

map mp_idiotville

map mp_xtremeidiots

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15 hours ago, Elvis9 said:

Why is it always on the weekend, can we have a tournament during the week , like around 11 in the morning?

Average people work week days and day shift ...and 11 am its 5 pm for EU in apero time

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