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Will Smith

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2 hours ago, SGTSmeg said:

You obviously don't know me very well.

I could give a rats ass about Will Smith or Chris Rock....or the Oscar's

Lol, sorry. Had to mention it. When my wife is trying to get her point across she makes lists like..

1. Blah blah blah

2. Blah..


Then all I heard was blah blah blah, so she has to do the abc list. 😄😉

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22 hours ago, Hoth said:

If winning an Oscar and making around 30 mill a movie is over I think I'd take that. 

True! Me too but when you know it's your last one & are used to it every year ..... that old cowboy's about to disappear into the sunset ....

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Would you stage it if it cost you a chance at a 20 million dollar paycheck because some producer might not want you because of it? I thought not. Stupid shit like that has been known to damage careers in Hollywood. Which is why he fell on his sword and is asking forgiveness.

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23 hours ago, HarryWeezer said:

"The (Motion Picture) Academy does not condone violence of any form." Does that also go for the Ukranians?

Ever heard of anything called context? Perhaps it should have said just for you:

"The (Motion Picture) Academy does not condone violence of any form by the audience during the show. However outside of the show its not our problem so have at it. Especially by those in Ukraine fighting for their very lives against a dictator that wants to kill them all. In cases like theirs violence is just fine and we condone it."

Then again, perhaps you did get it but chose to spin it anyway to support your partisan views. Nah, that kind of shit never happens. Just a simple misunderstanding. 😛

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27 minutes ago, TBB said:

the Oscars are a circle jerk

So are every cable and internet 'news' channel/site/podcast. Most people turn off the Oscars myself included. However most people dont turn off this so-called 'news' and they jerk themselves off until there is nothing left. I guess to see who has the most. Then they wait until they have more, wash/rinse/repeat. 😛

But for the topic at hand, since I dont watch that shit it wouldnt surprise me that this actually is news on both sides. And their viewers watch it. No interest in finding out though.

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