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>XI< COD4 Ace Mod Knives and Pistol DM only Match

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This post is to announce a once a month DM match we're running on the COD4 Ace mod. This match will be a Knives and Pistols only match, this is a just for fun match, hang out with your fellow gamers and have a good time. 

This match will be held Sunday April 14th at 11am central time, which is 10am Pacific, Noon Eastern, 4pm GMT

The server is open and you can play it at anytime but we would like to have a 1 time large match and see how crazy things get in there with 30 some people in there. Here are the server details >XI< Ace Mod Knife and Pistols

Hope to see a great turnout for this event. Cya April 14th

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My internet is down. 

On a side note lets make list to makle this better next month

15 min maps, different maps in rotation, dead silent, I would like to jump a little higher, 

No nades and or smoke

31 minutes ago, 2_MANY_BEERS said:

Maps are too long, beer gets warm,  can we try backlot only 6 players in there now.

Drink faster...lol

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