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toes all most wnt toes up!

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ended up in the hospital for the last 7 days started out with a cold !but it was strep throat! then it cause kidney failure.then turned into pneumonia which then the virus got into m blood stream.almost did not make it by what the docs were saying

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Hey buddy, if you EVER have pneumonia, the absolutely-worst thing you can do is lay around feeling miserable.

Get up, walk some stairs, do some things mildly-strenuous to get your lungs working:  that way, the alveoli in your lungs (tiny cilia that work junk up to your throat so you can cough it out or swallow it) can keep the bacteria from getting outta hand.

I had pneumonia once, and it was from laying around after suffering from influenza.  I was taking anti-viral meds, but my ravaged lungs were susceptible to "opportunistic bacteria;" i.e., pneumococcal.

Laying around with ravaged lungs and not coughing up the "junk" enables the bacterial colonies to not only grow, but proliferate.

Get well soon, sir.


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