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This needs to be said.

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I really have to say this. for many years I have been gaming joining so many clans just to have fun. I started out in AAT with killingman and after a while AAT started to fall apart and killingman asked me to join him on this server. which was XI. so I did and had some fun. at the time I was into Tactical realism and joined TA. Tactical realism clan and won the league. many clans fell apart or changed the gaming rules/ you got someone that just screwed everyone over. many times I connected to the XI server for Sally, T=Rat and many others to say welcome Hudson. or dadda (god bless his sole) to drag me on ts to talk as I was an ESC Admin. bloomer when he was here would always make an effort to chat with me. I took a year out from gaming and came back to find most things in ESC had changed. so I removed my esc tags. since then I made the best move ever and that's joining such a wonderful clan >XI<  just wished I would off joined sooner . And to meet the wonderful people the clan has lost over the years. people speak so high of this clan that I am proud to be apart off. but I do need to thank sally and Dadda for being my sponsor. so thank you for giving me the chance to be apart of this  great clan OR  shall I say family. everyone just makes you feel so welcome. Those who are no longer with us rest in peace and sorry I couldn't meet you.

and thank you everyone for such fun and to all members for  the work you put in to keeping such a great place to game.  

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