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Jackson Timothy O'dey Aka Unionjack 01/25/1970-10/25/2012

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It is with great sadness that I inform you all that my husband of 14 yrs jackson timothy o'dey born jan 25 1970 has died today at about 4;00pm he was 42 yrs old a wonderfull husband and loveing father.i am not sure if I will ever be able to game again or where i go from here.he died due to complications from cancer .his liver basically shut down n he went into septic shock i will be busy planning the funeral and contacting family members many who are over seas.god bless you all for your support. i also must pull out of the scrim for obvious reasons and maybe when I stop crying i can push forward.

hug those close to u n cherrish every moment nothin matters except what is here and now jack taught me that.

miranda aka manthis5089b3e2cd6a0_Unionandme.jpg

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I am so sorry to hear of your loss, I have never talked to Jack personally but I seen his involvement on the forums, he was a true XI member and friend to lots, he was a great member and he will be greatly missed by all XI members, I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

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You Are in Our Thoughts


You are in our thoughts

as you find your way though this.

We are praying for your healing,

with the passage of time.

We know you miss him/her;

we send our understanding

and consolation.

Know that the strain, the pain,

will eventually ease.

May your pleasant memories

sustain and comfort you.

You are in our thoughts.


Omg so sorry to hear this and my thoughts go out to you and your family

at this sad time but UnionJack will defo be really missed from all of us as he was a

good player and a good laugh when he was in the server.

You look after yourself and your kids thats the mean thing at the momment at this sad time

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Manthis................ I am so very sorry.


I cant help but cry right now.................


God bless your husband. God bless you. You are a strong woman... I can tell.


I will think of you and Union... plus your daughter.


I am very sorry. I am glad him and I got the chance to talk. Anything you need...... i will do me best to provide. Even if just to talk.


So hard to find the right words but you need support. And I hope XI can provide that for you.

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So sorry to hear of Unionjacks passing, he will be rembered by me as a smart player, a very good player, and an >XI< brother. Anything that I'm capable of helping you and yours with please let me know Miranda. Love YOU'RE >XI< brother, Rob.

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Miranda, I am too far away to help ya, but realize that You and yours are in my thoughts. You take your time and get that done that needs to be. Just remember that we are all here waiting for you. As I felt about my wife, remember that he isn't hurting anymore. now he is in the gaming room to beat all gaming rooms. Just keep that chin up and don't forget you have little ones that don't understand either. you need anything, just let me know

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So unbelievably sad to hear it. You and your family are in my heart and prayers. Let me know if there's anything i can do to ease the pain.

Come back and freeeze me as soon as you are able.

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