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    Happy New Year - Bonne Année everyone ! I wish you all the best ! ?
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    My resolution is to stop reading news forums where every other post is by a troll or a bot.
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    be a nicer person and try to be more patient and understanding and think before i talk when upset .gonna try to trip on some mushrooms-i heard that one trip actually changes your brain and makes you a more compassionate person.
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    OK - just for that I'm taking down your baby picture!!!!
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    !FU @OB1 My new years resolution is not to make a new years resolution because I always break them anyway within a month or 2. Maybe if I made more "Realistic" new years resolutions? Blaaaaaa!.
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    In 2019 I am going to turn over a new leaf, and HOP like Sharpe, TUBE like Angus, Knife like Larsin, scream like Roxy, curse like J3str3r. You know... Just be a real IDIOT!!!!! LOL. Happy new year everyone.
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    To be a nicer person in game, a more considerate player, never to curse, or tease my fellow players in game. To be nice in the forums and answer things respectfully, even hxtr, and not to be a gobshite. So, no f....g chance of that eh? FU all in 2019
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    Hhhmmm that's a good question. I think mine would to open up to people more and be less of a bitch?
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    happy birthday hope you have a great day.
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    happy birthday
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    Happy Birthday and have a great day
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    bon anniversaire
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    All to my friends and non-friends i wish to all seasons greetings and a 2019 year fullfilled with klinkers. Be happy and live longer. from your favorite Major Mark is the name ????
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    NEW CoD 5 maps

    You couldn't see and shoot an elephant on a wide sandy beach you old fart ?
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