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>XI< Fest 2013 Details

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My group will be in Thursday afternoon.So who is bringing coolers and how big of a cooler?BTW here is the predicted weather.http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/united-states/indiana/lawrenceburg


Johnny, that forcast is in somekinda greek temp scale called SELL-C-US. I can't read it... fuckin canadians   ;)


nothin' but luv Johnny :)



BTW... Picked BobBarker up from the airport, and then met the infamous JohnnyDos, Olive, Overkill and his male friend Mike (Lord Loftin) :), Cpt.Tenneal, and Hogan in the lobby as soon as we walked in (damn I hope I didn't forget anybody). Great finally meeting all you guys!!!!!

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Bob Barker with Ron Jeremy and Mount Gay Rum

Best fucking Rum on the market.

Which one, Mount Gay Rum or Ron De Jeremy Rum???  Bob says 'Both go DOWN really easy'.

Cant imagine the Ron Jeremy goin down smooth but the Mnt Gay is the shit. Best with a lil OJ.

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