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>XI< Fest 2013 Details

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Here are the details for >XI< Fest 2013. We've moved it a little more east and south hoping to attract more people while keeping it close enough to not loose any of the regulars that attend.


This year the fest will be held in Lawrenceburg Indiana at the Hollywood Casino(http://www.hollywoodindiana.com/) on August 2 - 4. Which is about 20 minutes from Cincinnati and 15 minutes from the international airport. There is free wifi at the casino. In the past we've had terrible reception on our cell phones, but the manager here told me they have Sprint as a carrier and there phones work great throughtout the property.


I know in the past people have said the room prices were high, so I think this year I did pretty well with the room rates. The first year we paid around $200 a night, 2nd year it was $150, this year is even better.


The casino is giving us a great deal on the rooms. Here are the rates:

Thursday Aug. 1st $79.99

Friday Aug 2nd $119.99

Saturday Aug 3rd $129.99

Sunday Aug 4th $79.99


The rooms for Friday and Saturday are usually $240 a night


I do not have the room block setup yet so don't call and try to reserve a room yet. I need to know who is going to be there and if you need a room or you wanna share with someone.


They do want a $500 deposit to get us a special room for dinner at the buffet, so not sure we will do that this year but I'll figure out something to get us 1 big meal together.




This year we are looking at the following activities to do. Once I get a solid idea on who's coming we will figure out what things we wanna do.






High Speed Go Kart racing(http://www.competitionracing.net/)


Shooting range, renting real guns to shoot(http://www.targetworld.net/therange.htm#RENTALS)






This is something new I found (http://www.shootextreme.com/) Its like paintball but with real guns with special bullets that hurt about as bad as a paintball. I have a email in to them asking for more details.


If you are interested in going please pm me

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It looks like this will line up perfectly. That is my week off from work, and it's much closer than St.Louis to us. It appears you Idiots will have to put up with me and BB at the 2013 XI Fest.


I can't wait!!!!

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let see if i can make it. hopefully my shedule with the boat is perfect and i'm home but i'll see later.


first of all getting there is going to cost me some money and staying there as well. :D pretty much for sure that it's going to be a 1500 to 2000€ week, so we will see.



i would love t be there and finally kick wildthings ass in real life! maybe slice his nuts off for real! :D

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I want to go, but my finances are unstable and I am unable to commit. (Even though the prices are reasonable, please understand that at this point in my life, I am struggling just to get meds and groceries.)


If I am able to go, which I want to very, very much, I will not be able to participate in any of the extra activities.

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ugh dont know if i can make it. ill have the money this year but the distance @[email protected]


@@fireurza I'm thinking about breaking the drive up into 2 parts, drive to chicago wednesday night or thursday and drive the rest the next day. Not so bad that way.

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