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USMale has passed away, RIP my friend

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19 hours ago, Ruggerxi said:

Landshark received a call from USmales widow, this is what was said

USmale's widow called me last night and said she was going through his phone and realized she hadn't called me when he passed. Pat died on July 1st 2018, he basically lost the ability to breathe. Pat loved XI, loved the brotherhood he found here and looked forward to his time in the ACEMOD. Married 26 years.


I know he loved the clan and all the friendships he made here, I'm glad I got to know him, he was a wonderful person. RIP :(



wasnt USMALE on just last 2 - 3 weeks? I played with him on ACEMOD Consistently, he loved it! he was a good guy, great player!! will be very missed! was in shock, when I seen the post last night. :/

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He played the games he loved with whom he loved to the end. Not a bad story at all. RIP USMail.... no go play a game with God. I am sure you will stay busy. Look me up when you get settled in. 

XI should have some kind of OPEN house tribute for this XI Patriot. I am sure he will have a blast watching it. ACEMOD???

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