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LOASIS XI Virtual Happy Hour! 3rd Saturday of every month 4pm-7pm Eastern time (00)

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Another fun evening!   And a great turnout again! Saw some new faces this time @Barron @Primetime @sirtrojan @1lkysob @Icequeen @Cooper @Dukoo :cool: 

Good to see again @baldie @Duffy @Thunder @SAPPER @blackwidow @GhostfaceJim @LilAcorn @AthenA @Bombshell 😆

And of course, the usual suspects @YACCster @ANGU5 @Hawk @Chris @Ruggerxi

But, the list wouldn't be complete without our host and several of his friends, @piglo

Can't wait until the next one!  Stay tuned for details......who knows?  There may be some surprise guests, fun games, and exciting prizes ahead 😏🤫

And we can't forget the medals!  Everyone who attended for the first time will receive their Xi Virtual Happy Hour medal.  More medals are being designed as well 🥰


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Was playing in game. Saw the "console" (pengy) remind us about the Happy Hour. Was a bit nervous, but glad of the reminder.
Was super to meet some XI cohorts. Look forward to it again.

Awesome to meet you peeps. Angus, Baldy, Athena, Dukoo, Thunder, Yacky, Lil Acorn, Chris, Penguin, Ice Queen (hadn't played with her for like 10 years...lol) Was completely AWESOME...!!!


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