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Anti Bunny Hopping MW2 Freezetag server is now open

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19 hours ago, Ruggerxi said:

People asked for it so here it is, everytime you jump your gun will drop on this server >XI< MW2 Freezetag Anti Bunny Hopping



Sorry Rugger,


that dont work like you said. 

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OK here is what I did with help from Sammy

Taking the weapon away when you jump is good and bad, its good that it takes it away but when you land its takes way to long to bring the gun back up, so there is an option to change you aim when you jump. This way you keep your gun up and ready, but you can't jump and shoot because your aim point changes when you jump. 

Give it a try and let me know 

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Thx that you checked it.

That it takes a long time to get the guns up again is sense and purpose if you want to make shit bunny hopping unattractive.
As it is now it is ........ I have no opinion.
Unimportant change.
Not the NORMAL players need a new server (without shitty bunny hopping) ..... the kindergarten players need their own playground and should leave the adults alone.
Or leave everything as it was. Not funny but I'm strong enough to live with it.

Maybe time for more ACE-Mod.

There is hopping totally ok with the low gravity and put down the weapon after second jump. 

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