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I regret buying the game flushing €100 down the toilet

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lol  I like it.  🙂  It is fun, just gotta play and the stuff/awards get better, I am finding the more I play the more I like it.  (People are so jaded anymore.  2 cents)   If a free beta comes out, play it then, see if you like it alot, if not, don't buy it.  🌍

Do what rocks your boat.  Which is why I play COD4 Freeze Tag alot too, it is fun, it is funny and you idiots are so so silly.  :yahoo:


Judge, I play as majbasil2, come play with me ;)  

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from what seen on Facebook 2042 PC seems lots of problems are AMD, this is only 32bit wiith no option to launch as a 64 bit game,so being as intensive as it is its as said before on another forum this game is VERY CPU/GPU dependant,so think half peoples problems is  low end complies to play it and mid range may just fair better,but for me  with prices as they are , is not going to upgrade at cost of £700+ on 2 pieces to play a game to be honest is not that brilliant compared to BF3/4,it looks like modelling from BF2


Two of the biggest bugs is the vehicle keys as i play on right side of keyboard, Tank drives fine  the rest  just will not turn correctly ,the 2nd bug is way to upgrade weapons,for now will leave it for a month or two see if the fix the bugs[but we all know how that goes],just glad got the game @£32 so not to much of a loss if i never play it....But think now Battlefield is well and truly at its end

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