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Any smokers?

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I bought a smoker about 5 month ago, honestly just set it up about one month ago. Got it on discount.. $400 off retail because it was missing a $20 leg. I finally purchased the leg and set it up.. I’m not disappointed!

The results so far.. 

Generally I have smoked to desired temp, then switch to the grill to sear adding my bbq sauce mixture. Some of the first ones I seared then on to the stove and wrapped.. I didn’t end up like wrapping them like I would off the grill. So I started searing on the grill. Then let rest. I’m still learning, but it has all teased  great.

Meats in pictures include TriTip, boneless chicken breast and bacon wrapped chicken with cheese inside.








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Been smoking meats for a few years now.  Yours looks great.  When I do my Tri Tips I give them the final sear in a cast iron pan with butter and rosemary.  Works great.   Also I generally smoke 3 to 4 at a time.  The first night is the sliced Tri tip and then I take the others and dice them up and a little extra seasoning and onions and make soft tacos with it.  The family loves those tacos and the smoked flavor comes through perfect 


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Posted (edited)

Wow! All of those look amazing! I've got some work to do!! :yahoo:

@tsw 8.5 Defiantly has his smoke dialed in. He has the over all look I'm looking for with as much time that's put into this. Looks fucking good! hah.. I haven't  researched it yet, but how do you deal with different meats that would generally have different cook times? Opening the smoker tends to drop the temp and plateau the temp for a bit?

@bds1961Hell yeah, yours looks good! I've read that a lot so far that a cast iron is the way to go to get the desired bark and add even more flavor for a TriTip.  Honestly, I don't have a cast iron  at the moment. I don't know why? I think because I don't have a lot of experience with them.. So, I haven't made the leap.. even though they are not expensive. :unknw: I definitely need to get on that though.

Also, I'm using a Traeger Pro 780. Sooo.. season it.. set it.. get drunk.. then creative at the end! Lol.. If I get good at, I'll have to invest into an actual stick burner like TSW for some REAL flavor!

I've lived all over the US going up.. Out in the sticks of Arkansas, Joliet, IL., Central NY, Upstate NY, and more.. but my family is from Dallas, Texas. I've lived there on and off through out the years in the suburbs. Addison, Carrollton, Lewisville, Denton etc. The one thing I've always loved was the BBQ in curtain places there.. especially the brisket! California has good tritip.. but.. Texas brisket.. It's not really comparable! So, honestly that's my end goal with the smoker.. I have seen some Post oak pellets. I only hope it tastes as good as the real thing once I feal confident enough to try it! lmao

One more EDIT,, as usual.. :whistle: 

I'm also taking another cruise at the end of month.. This time passing through Austin, Tx.! So, I'm going to try and stop at Franklins! Hopefully! If you know you know.. I'll try and post pictures and review..

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Looks good buddy. I also have a 780 pro, I added grill grates to mine an use that to sear cross patterns into all my meat. Look up grill grates they usually run about 200° higher the what your smoker is set at. An you don't have to pull and turn up the heat. 

Also look up meat church bbq on YouTube. Matt does really good food an tells you everything about smoking you need. He is in Texas also, look him up an get you some Holy cow meat rub.





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Wow! What time is supper normally served?

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Posted (edited)

The latest tritip..  

I really need to try something else, but so far this is what the family has requested. 

I loved how this one turned out though. Last round I smoked cold (initial temp 36ish°, smoker at 175°.. pulled at 140°) for just about 4 hours, (Never frozen) Then a short sear on the grill. The smoke flavor was really nice! 

This one I vacuum froze seasoned. Defrosted. Smoked at 180°. Put on at roughly 60°. The temp raised fast sense it was basically at room temp. Ended up pulling at 138°. Moved over to the grill that was roughly 300ish°… flipped to desired crisp/bark/push tender test.. idk if that’s a thing.. but it worked for me. 🤷🏻‍♂️🫣

Ended up being medium. Once I pulled it from the grill. The fat was still rendering from the pours.. Turned out pretty good. 

Edit; My bbq sauce glazed once on the grill.

Next edit; @HotRod55 Meat Church recommendation. 💪🏻🤘🏻 I want to try the Costra Breakfast Taco recipe! Cheese tortillas.. ftw! Check out North Texas BBQ Addicts on Facebook, it’s more meat porn then anything..No porn intended. 🤷🏻‍♂️ They give a lot of tips when asked though. Also, I’m still 20 minutes from you.. don’t be stingy with those cross seared steaks!! 😉😏





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