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Sign up for the COD4 Freezetag USA vs Everyone else match

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Here are the details:

Time: March 25 11am Central

Where: It will be on this server but with the current main server mod 

How to win: There will be 3 maps best of 3 matches instead of best of 5 like it is on the main server. 

How to sign up: You need to post here and say what side your playing with in case we don't know where you're from. You can only play with the side that you're from, no traitors.  We will need 15 for each team, if we have more than 15 for each side then we figure out a way to switch in new players each map. This will be figured out as we get closer and see how many people sign up to play. Clan members will get priority over non members. There will be a random draw to see who plays what map, so it doesn't matter when you sign up.

Prize:  Bragging rights!!




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I’m in. I guess I have to say USA but I identify as Dutch Mafia.

I’m also Muskogee Creek so there is that issue to deal with and while I am a man I do enjoy the company of women and have spent copious amounts of time “in” a woman’s body.  I was also engaged to a Jewish girl and attended a couple of Seder’s. Come to think of it I feel like most of you aren’t Americans at all just interlopers from other continents that came here and stole our land.

With all of that in mind it will be not only insensitive but also racist, anti-Semitic and misogynistic to exclude me and restrict my ability to pick my own team.

To summarize I am FUNky, one of the only true Americans and I choose to play all maps and I will switch teams depending on what I identify as each round.  I appreciate your compliance without the need to involve the ACLU, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.

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5 minutes ago, Jeroen v.2 said:

Fckkkkkk...cant make it I think. Working that time. I am a genuine idiot..what time is 11 am central in the Netherlands?

It will be 6pm CET for you @Jeroen v.2

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