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Very sad and hard day for wildthing>XI<

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Hey wildthing,

                          I so sorry to hear about your daughter.  My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family, man. You always

make us laugh when you play and I hope we will see you soon. We love you bro. May God bless you and your family.

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On March 16 - Cassie found out she had blood clots on her lungs. The doctors assumed this was caused from her birth control pills. The doctors put her on blood thinners.

On March 17, Cassie was released from the hospital but on a restricted work schedule.

On March 29, Cassie had a checkup with the doctor and they will recheck in 2 months to see how long she will be on blood thinners. They are also running a test to see if she has a genetic problem for clots. They are also going to do another ct scan for her adrenal glands because the doctors saw a mass and wanted to make sure everything was ok. She did get the ok to go back to work.


On April 7, the doctors decided the mass they found on the ct scan needed further looking at and scheduled a biopsy.


On April 16, Cassie's hip started bothering her and she had to keep icing it. She is such a strong-willed person and keeps working even in pain.


On April 19, Cassie was in a lot of pain today and had a hard time breathing. She ended up passing out and Carolyn was there with her and did CPR until the ambulance arrived. Cassie was rushed to ICU where they had to bring her back 3 times. But Cassie is a fighter and is continuing to fight for her life. She is on life support and an induced coma to help her body heal. The doctors found 2 large blood clots near her lungs and her heart. The doctors also decided to put her on bypass to help her heart heal.


On April 20, Cassie is still here and fighting! She had a good night last night and rested comfortably. The doctors went in and repositioned a drain tube to shrink the blood clot near her lungs. They need to do open heart surgery to remove the blood clot near her heart but they need her to be stable first. They are also wanting to do a cat scan in the next 24-48 hours to check her brain activity.


On April 21, the doctors seem to be a lot more hopeful today! Her left side of her heart is now pumping on its own, very weak still but working! She is squeezing our hands today and has opened her eyes a few times! Her co-workers have been very worried about her and have come up to see her! She has been listening to her music today and videos of the little kids at her school! The Oncologist was here and wants to do further testing on the mass to determine if it is even cancer! Keep praying!!!

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