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COD4 Ban Appeal

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This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all.

What server were you banned from?: ALL
When did you get banned?: Two Weeks Ago
What was your in-game name?: HELLSPAWN
What is your game GUID (if known):
Why do you think you were banned?:

My son used the N word, not in a racist way, he didn't say N...ger, he said N..ga, which is a term normally used in NYC to refer to your Buddy or friend, He wasn't arguing with any one. We are Hispanics more specifically Dominicans and we are a minority in USA and there no way we can be racist. Anyways, we play under the same IP and me and all our Game Keys Got Banned.

I have two Game keys because my friend got deployed and gave me his Game key, Hellspawn-JR has one and Hellspawn-Mini has another one, Mini is grounded and hardly plays, JR hardly plays COD-4 anymore, I bough him a Play Station and that's all he plays now, that's why you barely see him around anymore. The Key that JR uses is: ****EJTW-BDAA, The other keys should not be affected please.

Thank you very much.





Not showing whole Game key!!

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after much discussion on this one the head admins have agreed to unban 1 guid but not the rest

it is acknowledged that you did not use the racist word but it did originate from your ip thats why all were banned

jnr hellspawn is banned from our servers

you are responsible for anyone using your ip so please bare this in mind for the future our admins will check its you playing from time to time and if there is any doubt that its not you playing they will ban there and then

so please take this as your 1 and only warning 

would the banning admin please lift the 1 and only guid for him to use 

please be patient while we sort this for you



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"We are Hispanics more specifically Dominicans and we are a minority in USA and there no way we can be racist. "

It is like,; We Belgium's (not me, but I love them) are Dutch speakers and a minority in Europe and no way we can ve rascist" 

I mean, what was the talk about? What has been said at the time? Not to say anything, but "I am a Burger King employee , we are not racist  and have our Burgers more brown and I don't hate McDonalds."


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I'm a minority in my area.  I'm Irish, 144lbs, and I'm surrounded by overweight single moms.  And most of them want to jump my bones (literally) because I'm dead sexy baby!  Help? Anyone?  lol 


Just saying, anyone can be a minority, just depends where you live.


There are No excuses for Racism and Racist comments in this day and age.  Your comment is complete bullshit Sir.

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Only 7.8% of the U.S. population has served in the military.  Compared with 12.6% of the population being made up of people of African decent, does that make me an even smaller minority? :P

I wouldn't classically define using the N word as racism... I would define that as bigotry.  Racism has a specific meaning - using your race to keep, hold, and exercise power over other races.  Derogatory words or comments, like the one that HellspawnJR used, is on it's face bigoted.  However, words like that are used to dehumanize people based specifically on their race.  Kind of like calling people "animals."  And dehumanizing people is a form of keeping, holding, and exercising power over someone else.

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I don't care what you do in the real world, you can think your not a racist all day long, but if you're in anything >XI< you are considered a racist if you use racist words. This is our house and we have our rules, either play by the rules or we will show you the door.




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It's unfortunate that you've been playing here a while and you know the rules, I presume, rather well. Derogatory terms such as what your son used are banned here. This is to ensure no one feels unwelcome in our house. 

What's sad is that as a parent you're in a way justifying your kid's action. I understand the colloquials in your kid's environment contain the use of such terms. However, we would've expected you to respect the server rules. They are no joke, as you've now found out. 

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Playing here a while? couldn't he have like 8 year tags or something?

And the whole 'my son' thing, how old is he, you can't let him accept personal responsibility and allow him to make his own post for this DAD? C'mon man.


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It is hard to say if someone is a racist online only for the use of some words, for me it is how you behave in real life, how you think that makes you a racist or not.

sure, if someone keeps writing racist remarks in the servers or forums, you can say he is a racist.

but there are some simple clan rules wich say not to use those words or racist remarks, just go with that and  you will be fine :)

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