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 Call of Duty 2 Event Server =


#December2Remember #Idiot4Life #NeverForgotten

2 DAY EVENT  12/18-12/19 ---- Server time 2pm EST - 3pm EST

This will be Our 13th year of remembrance and as in many of the years prior Our list has grown longer and stands as a reminder to us all that we are indeed family here...We have grown here in ways that could have never been planned...We share a common bond in gaming,comradery and a strong family friendship like no other and can still hold to the We are the largest Global online Gaming Community...Each member we have lost to this world shared a huge part of thier time here with us and we celebrate that time for them during this event every year...
I hope to see each and everyone of you in Our server if only for one map...There will be a variety of gametypes with shotgun and pistol only maps...We will call for a moment of silence (when attendance permits) and record video's with screen shots as well...Thank you in Advance for Remembering "Our Fallen"...



( Video Compliments of Rockape>XI< )


****OUR FALLEN**** 

*Killa>XI< - Passed Away: 18/12/2008  
Casper>XI< - Passed Away: 12/01/2013 
RustyRifle>XI< - Passed Away: 10/04/2014 
Dolphin>XI< - Passed Away: 29/11/2014 
Bubbles>XI< - Passed Away: 08/11/'2016
Afroman>XI< - Passed Away: 08/11/2016 
JohnnyQuest?>XI< - Passed Away: 09/09/2016
2CuteSue>XI< - Passed Away: 17/03/2017 
*CobraBites>XI< - Passed Away: 13/07/2017 
AH1>XI< - Passed Away: 19/07/2017 
USMale>XI< - Passed Away: 01/07/2018 
MacDaddy>XI< - Passed Away: 22/02/2019
*Dadda2>XI< - Passed Away: 20/12/2019  
*Johnny Dos>XI< - Passed Away: 18/1/2020
NumNutz>XI< - Passed Away: 11/4/2020
_Derxos_>XI< - Passed Away: 27/9/2020
Justice >XI< - Passed  Away: 6/11/2020
Corpse2>XI< - Passed Away: 7/4/2021
7Toes>XI< - Passed Away: 12/8/2021
*BlackBart>XI< - Passed Away: 19/8/2021
( *=Served as an admin )


">XI< Fallen Member Memorial 2021"
Map packs are there and can be downloaded >XI< Fallen Member Memorial

gametype dm map mp_downtown gametype lib map mp_snowtown_beta gametype ctf map mp_brecourt gametype lib map mp_lflnchateau_lib gametype dm map mp_xi_kastle gametype lib map mp_outpost2_lib gametype ctf map mp_burgundy gametype tdm map mp_rhine gametype lib map mp_winter_bocage_lib gametype dm map mp_blockarena gametype tdm map islands gametype ctf map mp_railyard gametype dm map mp_dawgy gametype ctf map mp_devils_den_beta3 gametype lib map mp_rushtown_lib_finale gametype ctf map mtl_raiders gametype dm map mp_leningrad gametype ctf map mp_lflnchateau_lib gametype tdm map mp_decoy gametype lib map mp_matmata_lib gametype lib map mp_tigertown_lib gametype dm map mp_trainstation gametype tdm map mtl_pirates gametype ctf map mp_carentan gametype lib map mp_draguignan_lib gametype dm map mtl_the_rock gametype tdm map mp_toujane gametype ctf map mp_aquadukt2 gametype ctf map mp_daba gametype dm map mp_delta_mission gametype lib map mp_ol_ramelle


Should anyone need help with thier game please send me a DM !
Make sure to set your seta com_hunkMegs "512" as it is default160 and may be to low for some maps


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23 hours ago, SgT.Chris said:

Haven't missed one since I joined yet I'll make a appearance for a change even if only to shoot @PainKiller🤣

Good luck! :2guns:

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3 minutes ago, DEEJAYKEG said:

I have downloaded the MOD etc but keep getting the "unknown soldier" BS when I enter a map.  Why isn't it taking my player name from my profile??

Look for the CFG/Ini file, where you can manually edit it and save it. See how that goes. 

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1 hour ago, DEEJAYKEG said:

Looked and could not find one anywhere...

It is in your 28 folder --- C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 2\28\players\ur name 

***ALSO*** Make sure to set your seta com_hunkMegs "512" as it is default 160 and may be to low for some maps


Then right click and make sure you have permission to change and then open with wordpad and scroll down to you see seta name "^unkown soldier" and change it and save...If you need further help we could get on TS and I could either walk you thru it or remote with you

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