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dawgy aka dawgy>XI< aka dawgy>XI<ADM

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  • Need to be registered on the website for 1 month and have 20 posts.
  • Your in-game identity (such as GUID) must not be banned by anti-cheat services such as pbbans.com
  • You must not be in another clan
  • Your game name and forum names must match
  • Have read, understand, and agree to abide by the XI Code of Conduct
  • Need to have and use either Steam, Origin, TS, or Discord
  • Need to be 18 years old

** We have recently dropped our requirements to have a set amount of hours on our servers.



im pretty sure this means i can have my tags back??? all and all i have been gone many years .... i recently purchased a new computer after not having one for the last 5 years or so.... and the first thing i did was download cod2 and cod4 great memories here... i will not say it has not been with a heavy heart after reading the fallen members list... man i cant explain how it feels to know how many we have lost since i first joined in 2012... i hope they are all hanging out together.. and im so glad to see things still going smooth here... maybe i should download cod radiant and try to remember how to do that... haha well hopefully ill be seeing you guys in game!

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Hey Dawg! It’s great to hear from you again my friend. Are you still in Bonny Lake? I occasionally drive past that area when I am on my way to see family.

Good to see you back! 

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14 hours ago, WldPenguin said:

Wow, crazy.....just saw your name last night because we played one of your maps and now here you are! 

Welcome back, hope to see tags on you again 🙂 

Once he gets back I would make sure to contact him, since several of his maps have portals and hidden passages and some teleports that are very hard to find or find them all. He did some awesome maps and mentioned to me today during our Text chat via cell phone that he might be interested in making more maps or tweaking his old ones? just glad to see a former great >XI< member, player, sportsman, Admin, helper when he could, and one of the best damn targets we ever had on the COD2 servers. Him and Spanky were such easy ways to pad your score every time.

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15 hours ago, Ruggerxi said:

WOW! Great to see you again. I will send you a pm and get the process started to get your tags back


I don't remember him dropping them at all, I think he lost them for being offline for so long under the old rules for inactivity? If it needs to go to a vote I understand but I swear he just had issues that forced him to stop using the internet because it wasn't a option but he never "Dropped them like so many do even though we say take a break and come back once you are ready instead of quitting. ??? But he won't have a problem getting the votes I am sure. Can't wait to actually see him in game since he texted me last weekend and I gave him the lowdown on the servers busy times and he was welcome to join us and flip @LtLaszlo, @window, @leadpoison, @Dirk Diggler and others shit during our Weekend sessions. This is going to be fun

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