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Survive, Cooperate & Raid. Everything wants you to die. You need to find food, shelter and weapons to prevent it.


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  2. OK. Here's a random gen map for starters... http://playrust.io/map/?Procedural Map_3000_6574
  3. No time like the present... feel free to rustle up some custom maps you would like to see considered for the next wipe. Never too soon to start looking. =)
  4. GhostfaceJim

    This video had me rolling around with laughter! I thought we had to quit so many times because she kept killing us and at one point we had zero clothes to wear in the snow. She also built her base pretty smart.
  5. FUNky

    That was a great battle and Eva gave as good or better than she got.
  6. Timmah!

  7. GhostfaceJim and I Online Raid of eva! Jim and I got it handed to us be we won out in the end! Thanks to eva for sharing the video!
  8. GhostfaceJim

    Sorry for the late response. Tag in if I just team up with someone every time that my regular team mate is not on. It can be a slippery slope. Breaking a team up is serious and should not be taken lightly can also be a slippery slope. I found these rules on other duo servers and they make sense. Just don't want cheaters.
  9. FUNky

    There are clothes????
  10. J3st3r

    And No Cloths allowed. Ever. You have to run around butt ass naked. lol
  11. FUNky

    This should be interesting with the openness of the map...
  12. Timmah!

    Oh yeah, reintroduced Dangerous Treasures provisionally that it doesn't lag the server.
  13. Timmah!

    I reconfigured the extant infopanel, changing feature positions, message font size & color, adding messages, etc. Let's see how it works.
  14. FUNky

    Not a bad idea Ghost but what is teammate tag-in and why can’t a team split and then get back together? I would just like to know the reason not that I would break up with Timmah. His Popsicles and Wine are addictive.
  15. GhostfaceJim

    Here is a good set of example rules that can get us started: No breaking of Tool Cabinets ever! - ask admin for help with this one. No base takeovers, no base blocking, no griefing. Duos or solos only, remember to limit basing, raiding, roaming, gathering, trading, defending together to maximum of two. Trading is allowed. More than two sleepers in a base will result in base being wiped out by Admin. Coordinated actions between more than two players is discouraged. Changing of teammates must be announced at www.extremeidiots.com No teammate tag-ins. No rejoining old group during same wipe. The interpretation of the rules and consequences of rule breaking are at the discretion of the Admin. All ban appeals must be submitted, conducted, and reviewed at www.extremeidiots.com
  16. GhostfaceJim

    We need a better way to display rules. Mental has found a plugin that displays tabs and has plenty of room for rules. I have seen other servers that allow scrolling tips where deathnotes displays where you can type /rules or /plugins for better explanations on rules or all of the plugins we have. I find it annoying to have to explain rules and plugins for each and every user. Mental can help get this set up as he knows the plugin. We definitely need this as the plugins turned off last wipe for a few days and people were going around breaking rules like crazy.
  17. FUNky

    Are we still gonna be roomies Buddy? I’ve got a freezer full of popsicles for the basement.
  18. Timmah!

    Forsaken Islands was the map (a custom) chosen by consensus; It is up & running so people can have a chance to look around before the update & global server wipe by Facepunch this evening. Remember: Blueprints get wiped this time around & levels carry over.
  19. FUNky

    I like the custom map Mental found. Can’t remember the name right now but it is different in possibly a good way.
  20. GhostfaceJim

    I found a nice procedural map with all monuments but military tunnel. http://playrust.io/map/?Procedural%20Map_3200_1273
  21. Heynow, It's about that time again; new wipe, new map. Interestingly enough, the place where most of the custom maps available for download reside is on Discord . Feel free to peruse the selections herein & give your opinion on the map you'd like to see, or any other map you may come across. Here are the invite links to the relevant Discord channels: https://discord.gg/shadowfrax https://discordapp.com/invite/DzFydkE https://discord.gg/Fsjq5w
  22. MenTaL

    Have to say no
  23. Buddy

    I wouldn't mind this at all. My vote is Yes
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