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Post pics of your lets see what people look like

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This is me in High-School!


This is me attempting to be a gay pirate!


This is me trying to look cool and failing pretty badly.



This is me simultaneously achieving gay pirate status while showing off my new tattoo/gym progress!!



This is me where I used to live, after my first gym injury and looking kinda fat.



This is me now(photo while in Bali), much skinnier after my last few gym injuries, but realizing the only thing that matters in life is being a heterosexual fairy. I achieved this 'swimmingly'!


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@@RealEstufa, what @@iboomboom means here is that his fantasy is now spoiled.  You were the perfect broken-ass, toothless grandmother of his dreams...then the photo... :(

I will still be his broken-ass, toothless grandmother if he will allow me! Broken granny all day!!!

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