COD4 MW2 Freezetag Tournament questions or comments post

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Reply here with any questions or comments you have about the COD4 MW2 Tournament. 


We are having a COD4 MW2 Freezetag tournament. Below are the details you will need to know

1. 1st round will be the week after the >XI< Fest, Sept 18-23 

2. Register your team here, this is open to members and non members

3. Once you have your opponent, you need to work with them to setup a time that works for you both. There will be multiple servers setup so there will always be an open server to play on. 

4. You need to take screen shots of your scores and post in the results forum which will be created when we get closer to the start date. 

5. 3 person teams, all 3 players must be present to play, if not you will forfeit the match. 

6. 10 minute maps best of 3 rounds. 

7. There will be one map for each tournament round, so everyone plays on the same map for each round. 

8. There will be some sort of bracket setup so you can track your standings

9. Prizes
1st: Each member gets a $25 Gift card for Amazon

2nd: Each member gets a $10 Gift card for Amazon

There will be 2 random place prizes as well, each of those members will receive $5 gift cards for Amazon

Prize money will NOT be coming out of the clan fund. 

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Can we use this topic to form teams as well? If so, then @Predat0r, wanna join? I could use a lame ass smaw guy! @jumper, wanna join? Could also use someone to yell in my ears that I should cut with the f'ing camping.
Jk, willing to play with any teammates. It's only a plus when you meet the requirements mentioned!
@Roxy!, you're welcome too, if you can keep the volume down a bit :rofl:

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If not allowed, just delete this post ;)

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I suggest "Two Chicks and A Dick" for your team Sassy. FU [mention=2985]ANGU5[/mention] 

I'm ok with it.. Has a good ring to it.. Besides . That's better then if you joined them, then it would have to be two chicks and ball sack... Hehe... Just doesn't have the kick... Lol...

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I would like to join if a team wants a "not-used-to-this-server" player in with them. I promise to try to play at least 4 times a week on this server until then to get used to it and become the killer that I can be :P Still, ask @WildPenguin : I stop by sometimes and don't always do THAT bad lol

Also, this team will have to endure an "English-speaking-with-a-french-accent-silly-woman" with a good sense of humor, though sometimes sarcastic, who might call a garage just "the building in front of me".


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