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Prayers for my dad please?

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My dad had what they call a Silent heart attack Thursday evening. He thought it was just heartburn from the BBQ chips he ate but he was really weak and pale Friday morning. Barely enough strength to stand up. I knew something wasn't rite so I called 911 because he had double bypass surgery almost 15 years ago and he is type 2 diabetic.  They put him on there monitor and confirmed what I thought was going on. (clogged up again with lower than normal heart rate) They gave him Nitro and he stabilized and they called for a Life Flight up to the hospitals Cardiac facility which is about 1 1/2 hours away with all of the stop lights and crap and up over the mountain to Johnstown by car. Or a quick 10-15 minute ride in a chopper.


He had 1 badly clogged artery so they ballooned him open and it worked but his heart rhythm was off slightly. They want to install a pace maker just to be sure. He had a fever yesterday and doc didn't want to take the chance. His fever let up last night and they were supposed to install his "upgrade" today.  I just got off of the phone with them and they are adjusting some of his meds and setting up physical therapy and a strict diet plan and having a little "talk" with dads regular local doctor. His regular doctor had prescribed Lopressor to him for some reason. Lopressor lowers your blood pressure which is not something that you want to give to a person that had problems with clogged arteries. It actually might have contributed to his heart attack but the Doc said that it would of happened anyway and it might have actually been alot worse.  


So if everything goes ok over the next day or 2 he should be home soon. We're expecting a call from them this evening with an update. 



I won't be on much until we hopefully get him back home. And even then it's going to be a while untill I'm back on any normal gaming schedule. I can't sleep but I'm to tired to do anything other than a bunch of crap around the house that needs done and lots of cleaning. Sleep schedule is when ever I can get some. I'm only getting 2-3 hours of sleep at night after I lay there tossing around till 3am or later and waking back up at 6-6:30am.

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Thank you all very very much. I mean it.


BTW did I mention how much I HATE Hospitals? 


Dads new Doctor up there is a no Bull Shit type of person. No beating around the bush, tell it how it is type. That is Exactly what he needs. Someone that will tell him what to do and what will happen if he doesn't do exactly that. The Doc that he had when he had his bypass did not speak English very well (I think he was Indian? like from India) and he was very hard to understand. But he did do great work. 


Doc said that if we didn't catch it so soon he would of passed out from lack of oxygen and probably wouldn't have woken back up. 



This shit fucking sucks man it really really fucking sucks. :crybaby:

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Hey Buddy hang in there... thoughts and prayers for you and your dad. My father-in-law just had a bypass surgery for two of the arteries that were blocked. He's 70 years old and also a diabetic. So, I have some inkling of what you might be going thru. Good thing is your 6th sense caught it and you did the right thing at the right time. 

I will PM you about some supplements that have proven to help with clogged arteries.

Stay strong brother! Ping me if you need help or just want to talk about it. 

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