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Anyone talked to Dukoo?

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what in the hell. damn forum won't let me type after adding a quote


Last visited  Friday at 01:45 AM


He was in Cod4 Mw2 169 server about 2 weeks ago?  It was late at night. 


@Dukoo where are you?? 

edit: Worked that time ??

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Dukoo is still alive, although some people wished me death for sure. Not that i care, but just saying.  
yes, i am dealing still with a lot of pains in my chest and back as i have been in the hospital again for a while ago. The doctors found out i am dealing with displaced vertebra on 3 different size and that make's it hard for me to move around on bad days. 

Yes, i am still streaming. i had my ups and downs but it is going forward by now. I gain partnership with X2 products and right now at this very moment a professional designer is doing a brand new custom design. Stuff like this cost loads of money and time / afford. Next to streaming pubg and clone drone i am also focusing on the latest DOOM game. I also think >XI< shut do something with this game as they now also offer dedicated servers for the game. The game it self cost only 7 bucks and is very high phase. Give it a try i would say. 

Anyhow, i still here, doing okay and sometime's not and wishing everyone much of fun in what ever they are doing. 

With love, 

Dukoo, ( going to change name soon i think ) <3 

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