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What does everyone drive as a personal vehicle?

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As an avid gamer, network engineer I also love my cars so here is my car. It took me ages to find one standard, unmolestered and in this colour.
I've build a few of these from a bare shell but decided this time I would just buy one. 

Its a Vauxhall Astra VXR VXRacing 2.0 turbo (Saturn Astra for you in the states 😆 )

Show me your cars guys/gals let's see what we have amongst the members 🙂


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2l vcdi turbo diesel chevrolet epica swapped the turbo out first thing develops 193bhp without a remap gets about 58-50mpg can't remember what the turbo was but it was the upgrade for my old Lexus is220d


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My 88 Greenbay Packer Limo, 1967 Series 75 limo, 2014 HD Limited, 1995 Federal Hearse and of course my name sake design...street sweepers...Crosswind Nascar Track Sweeper(actually the company's vehicle...lol), 2019 Rav4 Hybrid and my workhorse 2004 towing rig GMC


1967 limo.jpg

2014 Limited.jpg






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