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Reminder Oinks: It's the 3rd Saturday!! This Saturday is our Virtual Happy Hour! December 18th, 2021 from 4PM Eastern US time till.....whenever

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Hope to see you all this Saturday!  Lots of reindeer games, good laughs, and rumor has it there will be some prizes!  How about a prize for whomever has the ugliest holiday sweater? 😎

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Thank you to all who participated n this month's happy hour - it was definitely a great time, and I think we set a record for the longest running happy hour.  I left around 2:45 a.m., and a couple of people did stay a bit longer 😎

The games were fun, the silly holiday sweaters, shirts, and accessories (many with lights) kept us all laughing, and it was an overall fun evening.

Our best "costume" goes to @AthenA, who actually had several costume changes throughout the event lol.  I will get with you about your prize 🙂 

We had some new faces once again - @Qball1 @StormCrow @Bamm @Izumi  - great to meet you all!

And thanks to our hosts, @YACCster & @piglo!

We even got to see @Ruggerxi throw a strike as he joined from his league night at the bowling alley 😝

Also attending: @Chris @Draygunnar @Unexist @E-raser @Icequeen @El_Terrible @Wardogs411 @blackwidow @SAPPER @ANGU5 @baldie @Hogan @Cooper @Sourtap @Hefe33 @Buddy @Johnny3Time @Thunder @Janey @ShadyBrady @McGrim @ScRiPt3r @timinator @HotRod55

There were a few minutes where I was afk, so if I missed anyone please let me know 💕

Please consider joining us next month if you haven't before.  Would love to see us reach 50 people in one session - this time we hit 33 throughout the evening.

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