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My New Girl!

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18 minutes ago, Sixgun said:

Pelosi - That why you can just kick it all day


that is the name of kitty death roe cats Pelosi!


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I see that you are a Connoisseur of the fine snacking food Captain Crunch. I seriously think that Captain Crunch should be a food group. It's so damn good. lol


I named my cat Tippy because when she was a kitten she pushed a glass of rum and coke off of the table and jumped down and started lapping it up. She was pretty tippy by the time I came back in the room and seen what happened.

She's a Manx so even when she was a kitten she was pretty darn big. She's a big fluffy fur ball now with the cutest little meow, unless she wants her catnip treats, she gets a bit angry if I don't give her treats every damned morning lol.    

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