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it is with a sad and heavy heart that one of our own has passed away

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One of the first people I interacted with when I started playing on XI server back in 2006. Shared some funny entertaining moments.


Very sad to hear this. Rest in Peace my brother....  the pain is over.

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I am gonna miss that infectious laugh of his! Every time I cut him he would just laugh and he thought it was funny! I know and am confident that you are free as a bird and smiling that smile that says you are home! Everyone of us has special memories of you my fallen comrade and in that you live on in our hearts and minds! I pray God bless your family and friends outside of the gaming world as they are the ones that will be utterly effected by your going home!  

Someday we will be together in that great gaming community again in the here after! I will hear that laughter once again! 


That is what I look forward to where we are all free and happy with no pain, sickness or sadness! God bless!

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