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R I P JohnnyQuest>XI<

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It is with great sadness that i have to announce the death of one of our fellow members

some if not all of you will know that Johnnyquest a.k.a. Mark Johnston: was a big gamer and teamspeak user with XI and a long time freeze tag 1 player on cod 4

a short illness of cancer took him away from us

 He passed away on September 9, 2016

this news was brought to us from a good friend of johnnyquest " badger"

thank you penguin for relaying this information to us


RIP Mark not forgotten



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2 hours ago, Mule said:

He passed away on September 9, 2016?


Yes, but I just found out Thursday night.  Mark was one of my very dearest friends here back in the day, and we spoke almost daily via teamspeak.  I lost touch with him for awhile.....and finally asked baddger about him the other night when I saw him, since they were friends and lived about 5 minutes apart.  He told me the news, and I was in shock........still am.  RIP JohnnyQuest a.k.a. Mark......you are missed,  my friend! :heart:

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I heard this a couple of days ago and it came like a total shock to me. Specialy when i hear it was already a time ago that he passed. 
Mark was one of the most nice, funny and such a great guy to have a laugh with and to talk with allrough it was hard to have a good chat with him because he was allways laughing and cheering other people up with his funny laugh.  
hey johnny, la gente esta muy loca. We used to say that all the time when we find our selfs in teamspeak. 

I will never forget you, God bless you and your fam. R*I*P Mark. 

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