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What Ever Happened to my Buddy The Hxtr !!!!!!!

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1 hour ago, J3st3r said:


Did someone say B L T?  I'm hungry damnit.

Sorry, buddy, pork spare-ribs and pork tenderloin, with pork brisquet and  pork 'n beans, served with a nice bacon gravy over steamed rice, with pork skins as an appetizer . . . (Homer Simpson voice) "Mmmmmmm, pork 'n beans (slobbering . . .) . . ."

(Yoda) Huh?


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This is what HXTR sent me when he asked to be let back into the clan


"Rugger I told you last time if I become a problem to tell me. You did when I was being a bitch with Steatcleaner. I dropped my tags then. Lots of changes happened since then one I quite drinking. That was my problem.. and it was a huge problem. Though I am still an idiot.

Do I deserve my tags back.. fuck no. I quite. I quite because I was being a problem.

No politics.. I am out of that business. That is my guarantee. I don't even want back in that stupid political forum. I am over it.

If I get my tags back.. I promise to have fun and be the hxtr you know without the major BS. You can text me again at any time to put me in check and I will listen."


There was a lot of BS started by him again, I sent a text telling him he was being a problem again and that didn't go well. He continued with the BS so I had to remove him again. Very Sad :(


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On 9/8/2019 at 6:21 PM, TheHammer said:

I miss the Hxtr on the web sight ..Anyone know what happened to him thanks !!!! :) 

You kidding right.

You know exactly  what happened. 

Why bring up his name.  Fker is like Beetle Juice . Don't say his name 3 times.


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During hurricane Irma in 2017 Hxtr was on the phone with me through the entire storm updating me on where it was centered...I was evacuated 2x once from my house and once from hotel at one point our final location was given to emergency 1st responders.....

He stayed online as it came to bear down on us  during the night and at 1 point My grand daughters (3) were placed in a padded hall closet that we fortified for them as things were getting ripped apart all around the area....In the morning we learned that it cracked the house (block) front and back where a addition had been done (I heard the roof lifting during the storm on that side)....

Hxtr is Hxtr you either like him or you dont as for myself I always have and will as he is a good dude....We all have our own issues

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