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USMale has passed away, RIP my friend

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Landshark received a call from USmales widow, this is what was said

USmale's widow called me last night and said she was going through his phone and realized she hadn't called me when he passed. Pat died on July 1st 2018, he basically lost the ability to breathe. Pat loved XI, loved the brotherhood he found here and looked forward to his time in the ACEMOD. Married 26 years.


I know he loved the clan and all the friendships he made here, I'm glad I got to know him, he was a wonderful person. RIP :(



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This one is hard to take......Male was a regular on the COD4 ACE Mod...I played against/with him for many years there and no matter how he was feeling (breathing wise ) he always had a good attitude and was funny and fun to play with.I knew he was getting worse just by listening to him but didn't know it was this bad....I'm mad at myself for not playing there more often lately but have been playing COD5 more and occasionally drop by Ace to say hello to my friends.....My name for him was Usmale.( I use to mess with him all the time and we would laugh)...pronounced like tamale...you know,the Mexican food.....Male was a retired trucker who liked to work on computers and loved to play and joke around with his friends in the game,he lived in Indianapolis ....one of the closer XI members to me .I will miss you friend.....R.I.P. Male.


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To my very good friend Pat (USMALE),

I have enjoyed each and every night we talked about everything from driving trucks to serving in the military. 1 AM - 2AM it made no difference, we both seemed to always be up. You are what is good in life, Pat, and I'm glad I got to tell you that while you were on this side. I will miss you, and especially miss our CB chats. So I know you are now "10-10 and listening-in" my friend, and it's with that thought I attach this song. Until we convoy together buddy, keep your wheels between the ditches short hauler, Landshark loves you brother.


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