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Very sad news to report 7Toes has passed away

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2 hours ago, Streetcleaner said:

To be serious....yes I know,me but....I was shocked when I found out(I just sat here in silence for a while) ...then when that wore off....then saddened to know we won't hear him in the game and his sense of humor and always upbeat attitude.The joke was always,well Toes,it's not seven anymore is it?....and his reply would be ?"naw, I'm down to six,then it was five,I really don't know if I could be that upbeat about it,like he was but he found a joke in it somewhere...lol I always thought we would meet up eventually,seeing he lived in Ky. and me in southwest Ohio....I'm mad too but don't know where to direct it,I am soooo tired of death and have seen way too much lately but the best thing to do that I have found out, is to celebrate"the life" that was lived and the people that were touched or benefited from knowing him.I will miss Toes and will remember him when playing for sure and smile and maybe even wonder, how many toes he had left because he never said.........what a good dude ! 

Take care Toes and be good to the universe my friend :guitar:

Well said, street!

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Rest in Piece brother.


I know he's been fighting through a bunch of crap for a long time but Dagnabbit He's one of the good guys. :crybaby:  He was ALWAYS high spirited and joking around even when he was sick as a dog.


So sorry for your loss Mrs. @7Toes. We will miss him greatly.    

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Ho what a shock for me.  Rest In peace my buddy  @7Toes.

I remember him like he was there  since the first day i was playing COD5 beer barrel server , i laways had fun with him and i could felt the courage he had thru his sickness.

Even with some parts missing , he was a whole complete good human being .

Take care of us Toes from where you are!!!

Finally all my thinking for his family and friends sympathy.....

your favorite Major..Mark


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I can't say how many times we played together. Such a loss to this family and his family.  I feel like I should find a way to get an XI server going in heaven. If just to hear all our friends voices again. 

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