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Please Welcome Sitting-Duc To The Sr Admin Team

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duc got us all drunk this morning and talked us into giving him a seat on the Sr Admin team. Lol


duc has basically taken over for Phantom since he has been busy with life. duc is a huge part of everything in the website, admin portal, ban lists, downloader, he basically runs the website and everything connected to it.


He has worked next to me in all these projects and has shown great leadership skills and problem solving skills. He is very active and is always willing to help anyone out with a problem.


So he is now yours to bring all your issues and concerns too.


Congrats duc please don't break the website

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I am still confused what actually happend in our meeting, but man, how the fuck!?




Nah, he is a good guy, helps alot and damn blame the >XI< Crysis team and his skills is just,.. overwhelming.


Now Ducs fucks, get rid of those two boys in your signature. Man up ! :)



Love ya man

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